Great Blog Post from Former KCDC Student

Former KCDC student Christina Henning wrote an article for Gould Evans' blog (where she is currently an associate) about the KCDC's collaboration with 50/50. KCDC Director Vladimir Krstic would like to extend his congratulations to everyone involved in the project:

Please take a note of this thoughtful article written by Christina Hennings, a KCDC alumna. We are both very happy for the success of the 50/50 gallery project by Hannah Lodwick and Cambria Potter which took tremendous amount of perseverance and hard work, and proud of our graduates, particularly Christina Hennings and Mary Rogers whose indispensable assistance on this project demonstrated in the best light the spirit of our program committed to community service, collaboration and making difference in improving urban realm. Our congratulations to all for their outstanding work and success.
— Vladimir Krstic