A New Semester at KCDC

It’s a new year and KCDC is back and ready to get the ball rolling again on our projects. We had a very successful Open House and Professional Review in December and we appreciate all the helpful feedback we received. We’ll be reviewing all the notes we got as we get back in the groove of our recycling program this semester.

(More pictures of the event are available on our Facebook page!)

This semester started off with the students participating in the ULI Hines Student Competition. The Competition is an intensive 15-day urban design and development challenge for graduate students. The challenge is to design a comprehensive development for a large-scale site. This year, the site was located in Midtown Atlanta. This year, we had 3 teams competing out of KCDC and 1 team competing out of KU. You can see our work exhibited Thursday Dec, 4th at a reception we’ll be holding in honor of the competition.

We also have a new studio joining us this semester from KU. Shannon Criss’ Dotte Agency studio will be running out of the KCDC studio while they work on a project in Kansas City, Kansas. Along with a new studio, there are three new fourth year students from K-State joining the program. Lindsay Stucki a Landscape Architecture student, Levi Caraway an Architecture student, and David Maynard from the Planning program.

So, stay tuned as we continue with our projects this semester and I hope you’re all excited to see where things go because we definitely are!