Meet our new team members!

We’re excited to introduce three new fourth-year students from K-State joining us on our Prospect Nodal Study! Meet Tayvia Navy, Jason Ingram, and Caitlin Seal:



Tayvia comes to the KCDC with a goal to pursue a career path in commercial architecture. She is excited by how engaged the KCDC is with the community of architects, planners, and designers in Kansas City and hopes to become more connected with the community. When she isn’t in studio, you can find her on a basketball court. She is currently joining the Prospect South team. Welcome, Tayvia!



Jason joins our team excited by the change of pace from a traditional learning environment and intrigued by the unique learning experience of the KCDC . He looks forward to working on a wide range of architecture types in both the residential and commercial sectors. When he’s not putting his energy into designing, you can find him playing soccer. He has become part of the group taking a closer look at Brush Creek. Happy to have you, Jason!



Caitlin joined the KCDC team with a desire to explore design in the urban environment and a love for Kansas City. Her passion is for small-scale residential and commercial architecture. When she isn’t focusing on her studio designs, she relaxes by sketching and drawing people. Caitlin has joined the team that is looking at Prospect Ave between 25th and 39th Streets. Welcome to the KCDC, Caitlin!

We are looking forward to getting to know our new studio mates throughout the semester as we work with them on this exciting project!