KCDC Alumni Survey

3. What was your field of study?
4. Are you currently working in an architecture/planning/design related field?
5. Do you currently work in Kansas City?
Please respond to the following statements:
Please respond to the following statements:
6. The KCDC’s service-learning model provided me with a valuable, contextually grounded, educational experience that positively enhanced my professional career.
7. My experience at the KCDC with community-driven design and outreach has influenced my decision to continue to contribute and/or volunteer in my own community post-graduation.
8. While at the KCDC, I made important networking connections with the professional community which have served me well in developing my professional career.
9. The KCDC provided me with a unique opportunity to learn about, and be involved in, the way a city actually works and expand contextual understanding of the design work as a part of the civic process for creating greater good.
10. The KCDC group-based, collaborative, urban laboratory studio model has provided a different and constructive learning experience and helped better prepare me for working in a professional environment.
11. The KCDC studio has introduced to more analytical and comprehensive approach to design thinking and allowed me to develop more innovative design skills and enhance my design proficiency.