Vision Study for Green + Civic Spaces in Downtown Kansas City

2012-2013 | KCDC Studio Project

What constitutes the public realm of the city and how can it be reconfigured as a part of the city form and life experience? The comprehensive vision plan for downtown KCMO rethinks the way in which a city can be reconstituted into an organized urban whole through a system of green and civic spaces.  The project compliments, and is aligned with, the Greater Downtown Area Plan and related ongoing urban improvement projects. In doing so the project aims to create a compelling perspective that is rooted in an understanding of the place and its circumstances as well as the study of advanced contemporary practices. The project offers a constructive vision that exceeds normative typology and recasts the city in an integrated view laden with forward-thinking possibilities to enhance its character and livability through green and civic space design.

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Digital Publication

Reconnecting: Comprehensive Vision Plan for Green + Civic Spaces in Greater Downtown Kansas City
Final Project Publication
(also available for purchase in print)
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

Preliminary Project Publications
Analysis | Programming


Print Publication

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