Katie Kingery-Page
Associate Professor - Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning, Kansas State University School Of Architecture, Planning, & Design

Katie Kingery-Page is a landscape architect and associate professor at Kansas State University. Her training is in fine art, ecology and design. She helps to build public spaces, such as urban parks and wildflower meadows, through participatory practice with communities. For the past decade, her design practice has centered on how we learn from the environments we inhabit as well as using nature and landscape to tell the stories of a place. In her own words: “My students and I work with community partners to design public spaces that are imageable, poetic, and durable. We seek to amplify place meaning. ‘Whose meaning?’ becomes an important question, answered only through inclusive, transparent processes that bring many voices into the design discourse.” Prior to teaching, she worked in an interdisciplinary design practice focused upon downtown development.