Neighborhood Prospects 

2017-18 | KCDC visioning study

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Neighborhood Prospects is an urban design study that seeks to build momentum in nascent revitalization efforts in historic Kansas City neighborhoods. The study focuses on development of scenarios for a variety of types infill development that support community vitality and social, environmental, and economic sustainability. It builds upon community anchors like the Bluford Branch of the Kansas City Public Library as well as a range of public and civic initiatives taking place in the study area, including Prospect Max, the Prosperity Playbook, the Catalytic Urban Redevelopment Initiative, and redevelopment of the Linwood Shopping Center.

Neighborhood Prospects is a university/community design project developed by the Kansas City Design Center and carried out by a University of Kansas-based studio taught by Joe Colistra, in service of Key Coalition and Santa Fe neighborhoods and in collaboration with staff at the City of Kansas City, Missouri and an advisory committee consisting of city, civic, and professional experts, and community residents and stakeholders. Neighborhood Prospects leverages both university coursework as well as professional staff of KCDC, which provided additional research and community engagement beyond the scope of the project. 

For more information on this project, please see the cumulative project publication, listed below.

Study area
Neighborhood Prospects will focus on Key Coalition and Santa Fe neighborhoods, an area centered on Prospect Ave. and bounded by 27th St., Woodland Ave., 35th St, Linwood Blvd., and Indiana Ave.

Project Team
Dr. Jason Brody, Associate Professor of Regional and Community Planning at Kansas State University. 
Joe Colistra, Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Kansas and Principal Architect of in situ DESIGN
Gary Stith, Visiting Professor of Regional and Community Planning at Kansas State University. 
Thom Allen, KCDC Research and Engagement Fellow

DIGITAL publication

Neighborhood Prospects: Sustainable Communities by Design
Final Project Publication