Prospect Corridor

27th Street-41st Street

The Urban Concept for the area of Prospect from 27th - 41st is to address vacancy by pairing infill systems with site specific design solutions. Through an analysis of the area it became clear that there is a pattern of neighborhood nodes with infill (specifically single family residential) acting as the connections between these nodes. One of the major patterns that occurs on Prospect is the large amount of vacancy that occurs along the corridor which can deter development and breaks up the urban fabric of the area. To address vacancy, we categorized different vacant lots by their orientation as well as their location either in the commercial realm (nodes) or in the residential realm (connections). We began understanding how these distinct types of vacancy behave and where they occur along prospect. The area between 27th and 41st is where there is a large amount of prototypical vacancy as well as having prominent nodes that can become catalyst for change. We chose specific zones where we can study the relationship between these neighborhood nodes and the paths that connect them. Each site was specifically chosen for criteria that resonates with the overall concept of prototypical methodology and site-specific design solutions that can address the needs of the community in this area.

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