KCDC West Bottoms Vision Study For a System of public spaces
- Site Selection Public Feedback

The West Bottoms is an industrial node of Kansas City with an unsatisfied need for designated public spaces; the KCDC project design team will select three sites with the most potential to fulfill this need. One of the three sites will be selected as a public space design prototype and will undergo full design development and potential implementation (pending additional funding) centering on the installation of site-specific artwork in Spring 2018. For more information on this project, please visit our project information page

We want your feedback on the following 11, preliminary, site selections that could be re-purposed into the final three public spaces; please respond to the sites below by filling out as many or as few of the forms as you like. 

Share Your Experiences With Us
Share your photos of the West Bottoms by using the hashtag #WBReborn or sending us your photos via email

Is there an amazing potential public space that we missed? Please let us know!