KU Associate Professor Tim Hossler

Streets of Kansas City

streets of kansas city

Streets of Kansas City is a collaborative book/exhibition project between art director Tim Hossler and photographer Mike Sinclair to document Kansas City’s streetscape. Streets of Kansas City will gather together selections from Mike Sinclair’s 30+ years of KC photographic archives as well as new photography to tell the transformation story of the city’s visual landscape. The project will explore the narrative structure of books and exhibition space to enhance the narrative and understanding of the city. 

In the books Every Building on the Sunset Stripe (1966) and Some Los Angeles Apartments (1965), artist Edward Ruscha explored how photographic books could document the everyday streetscape of the city. In the early 20th century, French photographer Eugène Atget used photography to document a transforming Paris. His photographs preserved a city of which little still remains. By referencing Ruscha and Atget’s work (and presentations of that work), Tim Hossler and Mike Sinclair plan to create a document that preserves our visual memory of Kansas City.

As the team looks through Mike Sinclair’s archives, they will identify streets that have recently gone through transformations or are in the process of change. The team will also focus on streets they feel help define Kansas City and will identify streets/area they need to visit (or revisit) to complete the narrative. The project will strive to be a poetic survey of the built environment of the city.

Support funds provided by the KCDC will be used to develop and design Streets of Kansas City into a complete book design and exhibition proposal to send to publishers, galleries, and museums for future funding.