KU Associate Professor Joe Colistra

Prospect Neighborhood Engagement


Last year, Associate Professor Joe' Colistra’s fifth-year architecture studio carried out work on the KCDC Neighborhood Prospects revitalization study, which engaged neighborhood stakeholders in establishing areas of change and areas of stability, designed schematic infill housing prototypes, and made recommendations to best leverage the Transit Oriented Development zoning opportunities along Prospect Avenue. One key recommendation was to investigate self-development models that could empower neighborhood groups to participate in revitalization efforts.

Through a KCDC Affiliated Faculty Grant, these self-development opportunities were further studied in the summer and resulted in a response to the City’s Request for Proposals process to award Central City Economic Development Sales Tax revenue. This sales tax program is projected to provide $8-10 million in redevelopment funds. The RFP process is currently under review by the CCED sales tax board and we look forward to their feedback. Should this proposal be funded, Joe Colistra and KCDC Research and Engagement Fellow Thom Allen will work with a 2018-19 fifth-year architecture studio to further engage the neighborhood group in organizing, designing, and executing this project. While the review process is ongoing, students are reviewing the research gathered from last year’s efforts, conducting an analysis of various potential parcel developments, and modeling existing conditions for the next phase of refinement.

Support funds provided by the KCDC will be used to supplement travel expenses for students and faculty to visit the site several times throughout the semester and to engage in collaborative discussions with other KCDC faculty and studios. Funds will also be used for printing, reproductions, refreshments at public meetings, and model making.